Let‘s do more sorting at home!

The citizens of Akureyri have always been leading when it comes to sorting and recycling.

In the summer of 2024, we shall go further, do even better and do more sorting at home.

Now, four types of waste are to be collected from each home.

  1. Food waste
  2. Mixed waste
  3. Plastic packaging
  4. Paper and cardboard

New containers will be shipped to each home alongside these changes.

For special requests and advice regarding container setup, HOAs and individuals should contact flokkumfleira@akureyri.is - 460 1000

What will the changes be in single family housing?

In single family housing, i.e. detached housing, semi-detached housing and in some cases, row housing, there will be two dual-use waste bins. There will be one 240L dual-use waste bin for food waste and mixed waste, and another 360L dual-use waste bin for paper and plastic.

What will the changes be in multi-unit housing?

Multi-unit housing will need a varying amount bins, tubs or dumpsters. It‘s very important that individuals and HOAs consider the available options carefully. Often, use of containers can be shared to keep costs down.

Can multiple houses share containers?

Houses that share a lot can share waste containers. This can apply to row housing or a collection of apartment buildings. Bins, tubs and dumpsters are available, depending on the amount of units. Shared use of waste containers will result in lower waste-collection fees.

But what if I want smaller or larger containers?

If you feel that the size of certain containers does not suit you, you can exchange them for other sizes. You cannot reduce the number of waste types collected but you can choose between larger or smaller containers.

When are the waste bins emptied?

A waste collection calendar can be found at Akureyri.is/flokkum and in the Akureyri app.

This is the general guideline:

  • Food and mixed waste every 14 days.
  • Paper and plastic every 28 days.

What constitutes each type of waste?

Food waste

All food waste, for example: Meat, fish and bone, bread, candy, fruits and vegetables and coffee grounds.

Mixed waste

Anything that cannot be recycled, for example: sanitary pads, wet cloth, dipers, vacuum cleaner bags, parchment paper, kitty litter and dog poop.

Plastic packaging

All plastic packaging, for example: Packaging of food and sanitary products, other types of plastic from the kitchen or lavatory.

Paper and cardboard

All paper products, for example: Paper packaging, paper bags, pizza boxes, shoe boxes, newspapers and magazines.

Síðast uppfært 11. apríl 2024