Our beginnings

The Municipal Library was established by Grimur Jonsson in 1827. The first 20 years it was located in Laxdalshus but after that its location changed rapidly the next decades. In the year of 1906 the library became officially owned by the town of Akureyri, on the condition that the town would find a suitable place for it, with fireproof rooms and study hall. In 1933 this was brought up in the relation of the 100 year old birthday of Matthias Jochumsson. Two young architects won a competition for drawings of the library, and it was decided that the location would be Brekkugata (the current location). But it wasn't until 30 years later that actions were taken and then in relation of the town's 100 year old birthday. The same architects made some modern changes to their original drawings and the Municipal Library at Brekkugata was opened on the 9th of November 1968.

Pretty soon it was clear the building needed to be enlarged. A decision about a certain side-building to the original building was made in August 1987, but again some years passed until actions began (in 2001). The new, enlarged and improved Municipal Library was re-opened on March 6th in 2004.

Contacting us

For general inquiries please call +354 4601250 or send an email to

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