Friday quiz 2023 no. 33 - Barbie and five differences! (answers at the bottom!)

(Correct answers below!) Dear quiz-loving patrons! Because we are having so many new movies in our library holdings, the quiz of the week is connected to the most popular film this year: Barbie. - Find five differences!

Is the quiz easy? Hard?

Doesn't matter ... but it's fun though, right?

If the film(DVD) is not available when you seek it, you can order it without paying and have an email sent to you when the DVD has arrived back. This is of course valid for all our library holdings but we point it specifically out here because there is more to order than books, cake tins and magazines.

Right answers will come after the weekend and we of course wish you a great one!

Remember all our events and that we are open on Saturdays this winter. Until 14th of December we are open until 10 pm every Tuesday and Thursday evening!

Municipal Library and Barbie ... always so much fun!

Poster for the movie Barbie (man and a woman sitting in a pink car with bright blue heaven in the background)





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Poster for Barbie movie, a man and a woman sitting in a pink car with clear blue sky in the background

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