Youth department

The library's Youth Department is located on the ground floor, next to the Fantasy and Comics Department.

The library focuses on having a varied selection of books for young people in both Icelandic and English.

All youth books published before 2005 can be found in Gamalt og gott section on the second floor of the library.

The library collects book recommendations from young people and maintains an Instagram-account and Facebook-group Books for young people (icel. Bækur unga fólksins), where the focus is on books that appeal to children and young people aged 10-17. Book recommendation forms are available in the youth department, but you can also submit electronic recommendations.

Picture from the youth department, shelves with books and a corner sofa

In this department it is ideal to relax in a comfortable chair/sofa or sit by a table and solve some quizzes, colour, play boardgames or learn..

Hrönn Björgvinsdóttir handles the youth department, her email address is

Last updated 11. January 2023