Common information

The first library card is free for everyone that has legal residence in Akureyri. If a card gets lost, you have to pay 2.000 ISK for a new one. Borrowers that don't have a legal residence in Akureyri have to pay 4.000 ISK annual fee.

You always have to have the library card with you to borrow something!

Borrowers can check their status by logging in at where you can also renew, reserve, order interlibrary loans etc. Remember, that some parts of the new system take some time getting used to, an also to be fully effective.

You don't have to pay for reservations anymore

Picture of the study hall on the 2nd floor

In the Circulation department you will find tens of thousands of books on everything and all of them can be borrowed. You can borrow a book for 30 days unless otherwise stated. Same goes for board games, cake pans, pick sticks, audio books and magazines.

Circulation rules

Common loans

To borrow items from the library it is necessary to own a library card. Library holdis are not loaned out unless you provide a valid card.

Everyone can get a library card. Children younger than 16 years must be under the responsibility of one of their parents, or legal guardians. In those cases a certain form has to be filled. When individuals older than 16 years get a card this form doesn't have to be filled out.

The first library card for an individual with legal residence in Akureyri is free of charge. If a card gets lost, it costs 2.000 ISK to get a new one. Borrowers that don't have a legal residence in Akureyri have to be an annual fee of 4.000 ISK.

You can extend your loans via phonecalls or at the library itself without having to have the item with you, unless someone else has reserved that item.

DVDs are loaned free of charge:

  • Movies - loaned for 7 days
  • Children's movies - loaned for 7 days
  • TV series - loaned for 7 days
  • Documentaries etc. - loaned for 7 days

If a DVD is not returned on time there will be a fine. Daily fine for each DVD is 250 ISK.

DVDs er only loaned by having a library card, just like all other library holdings.

Computers: You can get free access to computers on the 1st floor by showing your library card. Library guests that don't have a card can buy an access for 30 minutes (350 ISK) or 60 minutes (600 ISK).

WiFi: There is a free WiFi in the library where everyone with a computer or a smart device can get internet access.

Fines: The library holdings will be collected when the loan period has passed. A fine has to be paid for late returns on books, audio books, DVDs, magazines and other holdings according to the tariff. If an item is not returned, despite us sending out collection notices, an overdue customer must provide for the library a similar item to the one that was lost.

Last updated 08. May 2024