Did you know ... ?

Did you know that we don't only have books?

The Municipal Library in Akureyri isn't just a collection of books. A variety of service and events are happening here!

  • We have caring staff that helps everyone
  • We have the cheapest, best and only DVD rental in town
    (documentaries, educational films - films in various languages, TV series)
  • We have audio books for everyone - no special terms
  • We have an Icelandic language club
  • We have story times for children (mostly in Icelandic, but we'll have few other languages in 2023 as well!)
  • Music and audio books for children
  • We have great exhibition facilities for everyone
  • You can borrow all kinds of boardgames
  • You can photocopy and scan here
  • You can print here
  • We have a Handicrafts club here, open to everyone
  • You can read newspapers and selected magazines here - the newest ones are always available to read on site!
  • You can buy nice presents here, for example moomin cups, book lights and puzzles
  • You can have meetings here, lectures or presentations
  • You can read, study and relax here
  • There is also the great possibillity of doing nothing here ... maybe just sit (lie?) down and relax!
  • Study booths - comfortable armchairs
  • We have opne WiFi
  • We have computers to use (30 min. or 60 min. timeslots)
  • On the 3rd floor of the house we have the District Archives of Akureyri 
  • You can recommend items (library holdings) to be bought
  • We have roleplaying games
  • We have a lively children's department
  • We have a board games club for children over wintertime
  • We have quizzes and games
  • Summer reading for kids
  • You can order books / reserve
  • You can use an inter-library loan (borrow books from other libraries)
  • We have a huge collection of comic books
  • We offer access to everything published in Iceland and has been sent here through legal depositories
  • We have a little treasure trove of old and classic books
  • Home deliveries in co-operation with the soroptimist club
  • Book market and sales desk
  • We offer assistance with information- and reference-searches
  • You can take a nap in a sofa or a comfy chair
Last updated 30. December 2022