DVDs (films, TV)

 DVDs in shelves and a chair in front

Even though release of DVDs is decreasing, we still persevere. It's good fun to watch a movie and there are still some of us who love to open the case, take out the disc and put it in the device!

We offer a broad variety of DVDs: new releases, classics, films in different languages, and movies for children. All suggestions and comments are welcome (doddi@amtsbok.is) - thanks.

All DVDs are loaned for 7 days.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
The most popular, most awarded, and largest movie site. Here, users can log in, rate movies, write reviews about them, participate in discussions, view trailers, see the top news of the day, and so much more!

(not available in English) An Icelandic website that focuses on what is shown in domestic cinemas, along with interesting information about films and actors.

Movie Mistakes
Not all movie fans enjoy someone pointing out a mistake in a movie, as it can ruin the experience for them. But then there are others who deny that it is a mistake. This is one of the best sites that has compiled an overview over movie mistakes. There you can participate in discussions, point out nonsense or simply disprove them.

Rotten Tomatoes
A fun site with good information about movies and actors, as well as opportunity to rate movies and participate in discussions. There is also an overview of reviews from critics, as well as general public.

A website that ... that says so much. Like with many sites of this kind, you can sign up, give grades, look at trailers, reviews and all kinds of stuff. Not just movies though, because you gaming nerds get a lot to your liking as well! Without a doubt, you can lose yourself here. Fun fun!

Last updated 24. April 2024