The Municipal Library of Akureyri is committed to ensuring that the library's selection of books appeals to a wide range of library visitors/patrons. When choosing new items for the library we make considerations for patrons of all ages. They should have easy access to diverse library holdings of good quality, both in terms of form and content, and that the collection meets the wishes and needs of our users.

Loan time is 14/30 days.

In order to borrow any item from the library you must always to have your library card with you!

Books in shelves on the 1st floor of the Municipal Library, popular books and paperbacks Cooking books in shelves

When choosing books, the following points are also taken into consideration:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Reading interest encouragement
  • Promotion of the Icelandic language
  • Having a good selection of books in foreign languages
  • Promotion of mutual understanding between different nations and social groups
  • Gender and cultural equality
  • Participation in development, e.g. in terms of electronic and digital publishing

We can provide material from other libraries if it is not available at the Municipal Library of Akureyri. Anyone who has a valid library card from our library can use this service. In most cases, the publications arrive within two to five days from other libraries in Iceland, but books from abroad take longer time. Each item obtained from a domestic library costs ISK 2.000 but an item obtained from a library from abroad ISK 3.000. You can send a request to or make an order for an interlibrary loan (ILL request) at

You can check to see if a particular book or publication is available at the Municipal Library of Akureyri. If the item is not available, you can always let us know if there is an item you think should be in our library. The shortest way to do this is to fill out a purchase proposal/suggestion here.

Last updated 02. January 2024