Library holdings

About the library holdings

The library holdings meet the requirements for quality and variety, both in terms of content and form (printed matter, DVDs, music, multimedia content, etc.).

Part of the collection is available for loan, but there are facilities in the museum to use other material, e.g. legal depository. Information about library holdings is available to users at and you can see holdings in other libraries around the country at 

The new Alma library system was implemented in the beginning of June 2022. Libraries around the country are all trying their best to make things as accessible as possible for users, but it can be expected that some bumps will arise for the time being. We therefore ask for your continued patience during this process. We recommend viewing videos from Landskerfi with various directions. Currently, there are videos showing how to change your password, but more videos are planned soon. Note: these videos are currently only in English!

„Library Card“-pages give you various options:

  • Overview of loans - what you have borrowed and when to return
  • Renew loans of books, audiobooks and magazines - you can contact us when an extension is needed
  • Order library holdings that are on loan and also reserve what is on the shelf
  • Monitor whether fines have been received
  • An overview of the last library holdings you have borrowed
  • Order items in interlibrary loan from other libraries
  • Change information about address, phone number and email address

You can log in with a username (instructions for a new password should have been sent to most people at the beginning of the summer) or simply with an electronic ID. For further assistance please contact the staff.

Last updated 16. December 2022