Old and good

Overview of what kind of material can be found in this room in the library, called "Gamalt og gott" (Old and good)The Municipal Library has tens of thousands of books to borrow, but they can't all fit in the main area on the 1st and 2nd floor. That's why we have a room/storage which is usually just called „Gamalt og gott“ (Old and good - in English), there you can find novels and nonfiction books published before the year 2000, youth books published before 2005 and childrens' books published before 2000. You can also find a large part of the whole Ásútgáfan-publisher-catalog (romantic novel in pocket book format), as well as Ísfólkið (Ice People is the translation title from the original in Norwegian). Christmas books, Christmas movies and Christmas magazines are also stored there.

Naturally, the years change (which you can see in the Icelandic overview which accompanies this page) because as more years pass the more is published and more books need shelves in this great room/storage. We will of course update the markings accordingly. Some booklovers call this a „treasure trove“ because you can find Icelandic gems like everything Guðrún from Lundur wrote (one of the constant and most popular authors still today) and Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir, old yearbooks from the Iceland Touring Association, Ravn-books, History of Húsavík, the great series on World War II ... and so much more! (note: almost all of the books here are in Icelandic!)

But where is this treasure trove??

„Gamalt og gott“ (Old and good) can be found on the 2nd floor, in a nook on your right when you walk up the stairs to the south. Everyone can of course enter the room and everything there is available to borrow.

Last updated 11. January 2023