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We would like to remind patrons that holdings marked with AMLAN in the library's computer system (Alma) are not for borrowing. These holdings are solely for using at the library itself. This is also valid for other libraries in the country when an inter-library loan query for AMLAN-marked holdings is made.

The Municipal Library of Akureyri is a legal depository library, which means it is obligated to preserve one copy of every printed material here in Iceland.

The legal depositories are not loaned out. Customers can get access to them, use them inside the building, by providing a valid library card or by filling out a specific ticket that is found at the main desk.

Books on shelves

More about legal depositories:

The Municipal Library is enjoys the privilege of housing the legal depositories. According to laws (no. 20/2002) (this reference is in Icelandic) since January 1st 2003, the library is one of two legal depository libraries here in Iceland. The library has the obligation to preserve one copy of a legal depository item as best as possible, ensure its safety and preservation.

Items that qualify as legal depositories are therefore not loaned out but only for inside use, in the study hall. The handling of that goes through the main desk on the 1st floor.

Legal depositories are works that are published or printed here in Iceland. Included are works that are produced abroad if they specifically are to be distributed in Iceland.

Legal depositories can be books, children books, textbooks, audio books, magazines, yearbooks, annual reports, newsletters, TV guides, newspapers, county newsletters, election materials, school magazines, comics and neighborhood papers. Reports, maps, posters and small print (i.e. booklets, advertisements, price lists, programmes for theater and concerts, postcards, christmas cards and cards.

There is available a booklet about the legal depository law (in Icelandic) from the National Library-University Library and interested people can browse that here; get assistance from the main desk (information service is there).

The library receives a huge amount of legal depositories every year. Between 70-100 boxes every year. These legal depositories are all around the storage rooms here in the library building and a big part of them is kept in the library's basement.

Last updated 13. January 2023