Activities for children

Did you know that the children’s and teenagers’ departments are located on the ground floor of the library? There you can sit down, read books or magazines, and relax.

To obtain a library card one of the parents or a guardian fills out an application form at the reception. Up until the age of sixteen, the parents are responsible for their child's library card.

The first library card you receive is for free. If it is lost, however, a new one costs ISK 2.000.

Those who do not have legal residence in Akureyri have to pay annual fee ISK 4.000.

The library puts particular emphasis on children- and youth-activities, for example with guided tours around the library and story times..

Eydís, the children librarian sitting in her office chair

The children's librarian is Eydís Stefanía Kristjánsdóttir.

Her working hours:

  • 8-14 Mondays
  • 8-13 Tuesdays
  • 8-14 Wednesdays
  • 8-14 Thursdays
  • 8-12 Fridays

Email address:

Last updated 02. January 2024