Organized visits to the library

Picture of school kids standing just above the exhibition hall in the library

We offer organized library visits for the eldest children in kindergarten (5-6 years old) in April, 3rd grade in primary schools in March, 6th grade in February and 9th grade in November.

The aim of the visits is:

  • That children get to know the library, its activities and services.
  • That children get to know how the museum is organized and where and how they can find material suitable for their age.
  • To give children an opportunity to discover the world of books by encouraging curiosity and interest in reading.
  • That children will gain understanding of the main information sources available in relation to books and libraries.
  • That children understand the difference between public and school libraries, and they realize the public library is always accessible and is for everyone.

For further information, contact Eydís Stefanía Kristjánsdóttir, the children's librarian. Email address:

Last updated 11. January 2023