Study hall

Study hall:
The library's study hall is on the 2nd floor and is open from 8:15-19:00 every weekday and 11:00-16:00 on Saturdays (between 16th of September - 15th of May).

Picture of a woman sitting beside a window, studying, in the library Picture from the 2nd floor of the Municipal library, reading booths behind shelves

In the study hall there are booths and desks for guests' use and open access to WiFi. Our guests can also access the web-dictionary Snara, which is a collection of dictionaries and other reference books. The web address is

The library's guests have free access to the internet, by using their own laptops and/or smart devices or the computers in the cafeteria on the 1st floor. The most common Office programs are in the computers in the cafeteria (Word, Excel etc.).

Search computers:
Information about library holdings are accessible in the library's database. You can see what is available, where it is situated and what can be borrowed. Search computers are located on 1st and 2nd floor. The staff is always ready to assist with a search ... if needed.

Picture of a computer at the 1st floor of the Municipal Library

Last updated 30. August 2023