David's house

Picture of David's house on Bjarkarstígur 6, taken from parking spot with overview of the house

Author- and scholar-apartment
(David's House - Bjarkarstígur 6)

Author- and scholar-apartment is on the lower floor of the house of the Poet from Fagriskógur at Bjarkarstígur 6, Akureyri. The apartment is meant for authors and scholars to use for a certain time while paying a low fee (30.000 ISK for a week, 55.000 ISK for two weeks, 75.000 ISK for three weeks, 89.000 for four weeks). A month (four weeks) is the longest possible time one can dwell in the apartment.

What's inside: bedroom, living room, work room with sofa bed, kitchen and a bathroom. TV, washing machine and dryer are there as well, also the most common furnishings, cutlery and linen, and also a free WiFi.

There is a specific period where applications for dwelling in the apartment are advertised, in early autumn days for the coming year. Interested people are however able to check for availability at any time over the year.

Applications shall be sent to Þórður Sævar Jónsson, thordurs@amtsbok.is

Applicants should definitely make the applications thorough and appealing, provide information about themselves and the projects they intend to work on while staying there. Good applications increase the chances of getting accepted. It would also be good to mention an additional period in the application if the main period is not available.

  • Þórður Sævar Jónsson, caretaker



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