Picture of the Municipal Library and a street sign in front of it

bækur.is  On the webpage bækur.is you can see electronic versions of old Icelandic books, published before 1870. The page is run by the National and Univeristy Library of Iceland.

handrit.is  Compilation of Icelandic and Nordic manuscripts that are preserved in the manuscript department of the National Library of Iceland, the University Library, Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies and the Árnasafn in Copenhagen.

hvar.is  Iceland Consortium for electronic subscriptions.

Tímarit.is  This is a digital archive that provides access to millions of digitized pages of the printed cultural heritage preserved in newspapers and magazines from the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland. Access is open to everyone, and the latest technology is used in the storage and sharing of information. The goal is to improve access to printed papers and journals and offer new research methods. The newspapers and magazines contain a lot of material in the fields of literature, history, genealogy, public life, culture, and business, in addition to general news and advertisements. Users can search for content in various ways, such as by countries and titles, or by a selected word in all the texts of the publications. It is possible to browse through the content and print out selected pages. More and more titles are being added to the collection.

The Icelandic Web of Science  Questions and answers about anything.

Last updated 24. April 2024