Frequently asked questions

It is possible to return the library's holdings to Penninn Eymundsson bookstore outside the library's opening hours. Opening hours of Penninn are 9-21 hrs. on weekdays and 10-21 hrs. during weekends.


1. Where can I get a library card?

You can get a library card at the main desk at the library and it doesn't take long time.

2. Who can get a library card?

Everybody has the right to get a library card. If you are 15 years old or younger, your legal guardian has to fill out a form to be responsible for everything that is borrowed using your card. If you are older than 15, you don't have to fill out any forms.

3. How much does a library card cost?

The first card is free of charge but if you lose it you have to pay 2.000 ISK for a new one. Borrowers who don't have a legal residence in Akureyri have to pay annual fee of 4.000 ISK. It's good to remember these three simple rules:

  • Return the item on time
  • Return the item in a good condition
  • Don't lend your card unless you are ready to accept responsibility for it

4. For how long is a library card valid?

There is no annual fee for cards for those who have a legal residence in Akureyri and the validity is unlimited. Others have to pay an annual fee of 4.000 ISK. It is therefore important to take care of the library card. If it is lost, you have to pay for a new one.

5. What if I lose my library card?

If you lose your library card or it is stolen, you have to let us know so we can prevent it from being used. You always have to pay 2.000 ISK for a new card and it doesn't matter if it was stolen or was lost.

6. Do I have to inform about a changed residence and phone number?

The library system is connected to the national registry and the address there is the valid one. You can register another residence besides the legal one and get announcements sent there.

7. How many items can you borrow each time?

There is actually no limit. Just think about how much you can read/watch each time. You pay a certain fine for each item you cannot return on the right time which means: more items = higher fine.

8. Do I always have to bring the card with me to the library?

You always have to have the library card with you if you want to borrow something. If you are going to extend a loan on an item or return it, you don't have to bring the library card.

9. Can others use my card?

Your library card is your responsibility. If a library item is returned late, gets damaged, destroyed or finds itself in a collection measure (through another institution), it is you that has to pay the price but not the person who borrowed your library card.

10. How long can I have the items?

Books, audio books, CDs, CD Roms, board games and magazines are usually loaned for 30 days, but new books are sometimes loaned for 14 days (clearly identified by a sticker on the cover). All DVDs are loaned for 7 days.

11. What if I cannot pay a fine for a library holding that I was supposed to have returned already?

Return the items as soon as possible so a further fine doesn't add up what's already there. When an item is returned the fines stop growing. Other borrowers can then get the items borrowed and you can pay the fine whenever and however you want, bit by bit or all at once ... when you can afford to. Information about the amount is registered in our database.

12. What happens if I never return the library holdings I borrowed?

A fine appears on all library holdings if they aren't return at the right time and the maximum amount vary by the nature of the library holdings. If you don't return an item despite getting warnings and bill reminders, you are automatically put on ban with us and finally the claim is sent for debt collection at Motus.

13. When is a library holding considered returned?

You are responsible for the library holdings you borrow until they have been returned in the self service machines or through the library system. It is not enough to just leave them at the desk or by the machines and tell an employee about it. The best way is to wait while the items are being returned and get a confirmation about everything having gone through. We always recommend that you use the self service machines.

14. What if my dog destroys a book?

You are responsible for all library holdings that are registered on your library card, it has to be returned in the same condition as it was when you borrowed it. If a library holding is destroyed in your care, then you have to pay for it with a standard amount which is given to you by the library's staff. You can also buy a similar item (new book for a new book, children's book for a children's book, DVD with a similar DVD ... etc.). Just contact us, let us know what happened and we'll resolve this together.

15. Is it possible to extend a loan?

You can extend a loan at the main desk at the library, by coming in person or through a telephone call. You can also use email ( or our chat feature on our website. If you register on you can extend loans by yourself. You cannot extend loans for each item more than three times. You cannot get an extension if somebody has reserved the item you borrowed and is waiting for it. Please, extend loans before the deadline. Otherwise you have to pay a fine.

16. What if I cannot find the library holdings when I am about to return them?

If library holdings aren't returned before the deadline a fine is added on them. It is therefore best to get a loan extended so you have more time to search. If an item isn't found you can bring a similar item instead or pay a standard amount (as previously stated) and the issue is resolved.

17. Are there facilities for reading, studying and other things that require more silence?

Study hall is on the 2nd floor. Open to everyone. There is not a demand for total silence even though the main rule is to not talk too much on that floor.

18. Are there facilities for groupwork?

Groups can use tables and chairs in the cafeteria and there are also worktables for groups on the 2nd floor.

19. How much does access to the internet cost?

Everyone can get access to the internet at the library. Firstly, there is open and free WiFi everywhere in the library, so if you bring your own laptop or smart machine you'll have open and free access to the internet. If you don't bring your own laptop or smart machine, you can still access the internet through the two computers in the cafeteria. If you have your library card (valid at our library) you don't have to pay for a hour - simply show the library card. If you don't have a valid library card with you, an hour costs 600 ISK and 30 minutes cost 350 ISK.

20. Can I print something?

You can send an email with what you want to print to the email address or by bringing a usb-chip. You can also get an access to computers in the cafeteria (see no. 19) and print from there. Each A4 page costs 50 ISK (150 ISK in colour) and A3 is 70 ISK (200 ISK in colour).

Last updated 24. April 2024