The Municipal Library is service institute (public one) and emphasizes on quality, participation, education and activity of its staff members, in relation to providing a good service.

The information service is at the main desk on the 1st floor. The information service is for everyone and free of charge. One has to pay for photocopying or printing out froma  computer (or a usb-chip). You also have to pay for inter-library loans.

You can call 460-1250 and ask for information service or send an email.

Access to provides information about the library holdings here in Akureyri and all over the country, really. is a national website access to electronic subscriptions, which everyone can use and benefit from.

Under the tab „Service“ you can also see the main parts of the service at the Municipal Library (circulation, study hall, legal depositories ... etc.)


The Municipal Library of Akureyri
Brekkugötu 17
600 Akureyri

Telephone: 460 1250

Map of the location of the Municipal Library of Akureyri

Service hours during winter (16th of September  15th of May):

Workdays: 8:15-19:00 hrs. (self service until 10:00)
Saturdays: 11:00-16:00 hrs.
Sundays: closed

Service hours during the summer (16th of May - 15th of September)

Workdays: 8:15-19:00 hrs. (self service until 10:00)
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays



Notabene! Are you going out of town and the library is closed?

Then there is a possibillity to return books and other library holdings at Penninn Eymundsson bookstore in Akureyri.

Photo of the Municipal Library of Akureyri on a sunny day

Last updated 11. January 2023