Oppenheimer - movie of the year 2023?

Dear movieloving patrons! The last place in town to borrow DVDs is the Municipal Library and one recent brilliance that has been added to our collection is the Oscar-winning movie Oppenheimer!

It is regularily borrowed but you can always order the movie since it doesn't cost anything! And of course as always it is free to borrow!

Last March the Oscars were held for movies released in 2023. It was a pleasant surprise how two movie seemed to take the world by storm. Barbie was the boxoffice champion of the world last year and Oppenheimer also broke some box office records for a movie of this caliber.

These films were so popular and famous, that the term Barbenheimer was born and it reached over to the movie festivals and awards. Now they are all done (for last year) and it is clear that the most awarded movie is Oppenheimer. Nicely done that these two films divided the honors of being most popular and most rewarded!

Movie lovers know the director behind Oppenheimer very well but he's named Christopher Nolan. He has directed films like Dunkirk, Memento, Inception, Interstellar, the unbelievably great trilogy about Batman (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) and Tenet. His movies have been very efficient in getting nominated for Oscars but it wasn't until now for Oppenheimer that Christopher Nolan received the Oscar for Best Director! Well well!

The awarded composer Hans Zimmer has composed the music in many of Nolan's movies but for Oppenheimer Nolan turned to the Swede Ludwig Göransson who did exactly the fantastic thing and received the Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack in Oppenheimer. And many other awards.

The lead actor of the movie, Cillian Murphy, has acted in most of Nolan's movies and is considered a very versatile actor. He received the Oscar for being the best actor of the year for portraying the title character in Oppenheimer and his co-star Robert Downey Jr. got his first Oscar for his role in the movie as well! Woo hoo for them! It has been heard that some actors want to take a break from acting, but not if Christopher Nolan offers them a role in his movies. That's quite a power that he has! He even made Harry Styles, the young pop idol, into a fine actor in Dunkirk!

So, we wait for the next brilliance from Christopher Nolan, but until then you can borrow most of his movies from the Municipal Library!

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