Municipal Library's time together-calendar

Eydís, our children's librarian, has made a time-together-calendar. You can get a printed copy at the library itself.

You can also download this picture to your tablet, phone or computer and follow the calendar in December.

As you can clearly see, it is in Icelandic, but here are rough translations for you for each day:

1. Out picking trash (trash pick-up tools available at the library)
2. Handicraft together - you can get all kinds of books on that subject at the library
3. Go on a flashlight stroll
4. Watch a Christmas movie (many DVDs available at the library)
5. Learn about the Icelandic yule lads. There are some books available at the library
6. Wrap Christmas gifts. At the library ou'll find a wrapping station available, free of charge
7. Christmas storytime at the library, 4:30 pm. Santa Claus will visit
8. Read a Christmas book before sleep. Christmas books are on certain desks/shelves now in the library
9. Put a gift under the Christmas tree at Glerartorg Mall
10. Feed the small birds
11. Put the shoe in the window sill
12. Bake together. You can borrow cake tins at the library
13. Colour Christmas pictures. Christmas pictures and colours are available in the children's department at the library
14. Christmas card handicraft at the library between 4-6 pm
15. Build a snowman
16. Paint ginger cookies between 1-3 pm at the Municipal Library
17. Put food in the freedge outside the library
18. Solve Christmas puzzles. All kinds of them are available in printed form at the library
19. Cook together. Cooking books are available at the library
20. Play boardgames together. You can borrow them at the library - quite a collection available
21. Christmas beads at the library from 4-6 pm
22. Dance to Christmas songs
23. Look and enjoy the Christmas lights in downtown Akureyri
24. Merry Christmas!
Remember to enjoy and be together between Christmas and the New Year. The Municipal Library is open 8:15am-7pm on workdays. On Saturdays we're open from 11am-4pm.

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