Friday quiz/Alfie Atkins - answers!

We hope everyone is feeling refreshed after the long weekend, dear patrons! Here are the answers to the quiz from last Friday.

1. Who is Alfie's secret friend?
- Mangi (in Icelandic)

2. What year was the first book about Alfie (Einar Áskell) published in Icelandic?
- In the year 1980.

3. The author is of course Gunilla Bergström but who's the illustrator?
- That's Gunilla herself!

4. What's Alfie's friend's name who is so good at soccer?
- Hamdi (in Icelandic)

5. What colour is the helicopter?
- Yellow.

6. What does Alfie's dad prefer doing?
- He prefers to watch TV and read the newspaper.

7. Who offers Alfie buns and buscuits when he visits?
- His grandma.

8. Why wasn't the dad allowed to sit beside Alfie on the bus on their way home once?
- Because Alfie said: „This is Mangi's seat.“

9. What is Alfie's name in Swedish?
- Alfons Åberg.

10. How long will the exhibition about Alfie Atkins be here at the library?
- Through 18th of July, according to the schedule!

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