(answer) Friday quiz 2024 no. 15 - Six differences on three employees!

(answer) Dear quizloving and other patrons! We are proud of our employees and that's why our Friday quiz no. 15 this year has Aija, Siggi and Þura in it! And there's a bonus today: you are supposed to find six differences!

Those of you who know math see clearly that this means one additional difference in the picture. We could tell a white lie and explain why this is so today, but then it might be that the quiz-author just got confused in counting.

Fun fun in the sun sun! And when we talk about six differences on three employees, like the name of the quiz, it means the surrounding and background as well. To be clear, the differences don't necessarily all have to be on the employees themselves ... they might ... or ? :-)

But you should always know the best weather is always here in Akureyri and right answers come after the weekend!


Two women and a man posing


Rétt svar:

Two women sitting, one man standing behind, computer screens in background, a window shows a house in the distance, books on a bookshelf on wheels

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