(answer) Friday quiz 2024 no. 14 - Old webpage and five differences!

(answer) Dear quiz and weekendloving patrons! Now it's Friday and it means a lot, for example this: the Friday quiz is here!!!

And since the quizmaker himself was remembering good ol' times and old versions of many websites, it was a lot of fun looking at Vefsafn.is and to see how various websites looked in the old days. For example amtsbok.is - our webpage! The picture that is used for the quiz is from 1999 or when the library's website looked like that (you see, the picture is just a part of the frontpage). You can also look at the library holdings at that time, what we were offering. No DVDs, the cake tins and no boardgames! But nostalgia can be fun, it can also be a bit dangerous because it it better to face forward and to the future instead of being stuck in the past, right? Learn from it so it benefits us in the future...

But the format is the same - find five differences between the pictures and wait for the right answers to appear here after the weekend!

Have a great weekend and remember that the weather is always best in Akureyri!

Old webpage


Right answer:

Old frontpage of the library's website

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