(answer is here) Friday quiz 2024 no. 13 - Computers and five differences!

(answer is here) Dear and beloved patrons! It's Friday now and it is not good ... it's fantastic! Because we moved the two computers from the cafeteria we decided to have the Friday quiz dedicated to that!

These computers were at the cafeteria but we think the new location on the 1st floor, under the windows of the east wall of the older building, is a very good solution. Don't you think?

But the quiz is the same as before: find five differences - right answers arrive after the weekend!

Have a great weekend (and remember: it's open between 11 am to 4 pm on Saturdays this winter)


Two computers on desks in between bookshelves


Right answer:

Two computers with keyboards and screens, two chairs and desks and shelves on the sides

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