Friday quiz 2023 no. 4 - Five differences! (ANSWERS!)

Dear quiz-loving patrons! Time flies fast and February has begun. Fourth quiz of the year is a 4to-related* one and is simply about finding five differences. The main-picture used with this newsstory has the "right" and "different" pictures spliced together (with a pink strip in between). Then you can look at them seperately here below.

* 4to is a code that we use for big books that don't fit into the shelves with the other books. These 4to (quarto) books are in the northeast corner of the house on the 2nd floor and you can find a very warm corner there with chairs and table. So good and cozy just to be there!

But yes ... five differences (different hue or lighting along with microdifferences in the cutting of pictures are not to be considered), and hopefully you'll enjoy!!!

Have a great weekend!
(open on Saturdays this winter, 11-16)



Picture of books in shelves.

Picture of books in shelves.



ANSWERS: The circles show the errors: A) One copy of the book has been taken. B) Books have been changed. C) These three volumes have been realigned from 1, 2 and 3 to 2, 1 and 3! D) One book is on its head. E) One letter in the name of the title has been changed: Hjarta Íslands has changed to Hjarta Írlands (Ireland). How many did you correctly guess?

Picture of books on shelves with red rings drawn on it to show errors from previous picture

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