(with answers!) Friday quiz 2023 no. 34 - The stairs!

(answers below) Dear stair-loving patrons! It is fun going up and down the stairs, right? To increase that joy, we have decided to relate the five differences this Friday to it. Fun fun. (And not a bad idea to solve this on site!)

When this is written there are only 37 days left of the year and so many things yet to happen. Our little shop is a fantastic place to buy pretty Christmas gifts. We also have events going on and the event calendar is always being updated. Aren't you following that closely?

But to the quiz, it's like the usual ones: find five differences and wait until Monday to confirm whether you had the right answers or not.

Hopefully the weekend will be great and we'll see you in fine spirits on Saturday or Monday ... well, or just both days and every day ... we are always here!


Picture of stairs decorated with different colours and words




Right answers:

Decorated stairs

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