Friday quiz 2023 no. 3 - Five titlechanges and more! (with answers)

Which are the titles of these title-changed books?
Which are the titles of these title-changed books?

Dear patrons and homepage-lovers! Friday for m...any things... and the third quiz of the year is here. You know what? It's a good one! Many errors and questions!

Answers for the five titles on the main picture: upper to the left: Sonur Hamas, upper to the right: Afskræmd, lower to the left: Nafnlausa stúlkan, lower in the middle: Arabíukonur, lower to the right: Von.


Picture of the library's vestibule with all kinds of painting products

Bonus question a: Is the vestibule ready, has it been painted? (situation 30th of January : no!)

Picture outside the library (behind it) and snow all around..

Bonus question b: Where in town is this picture taken? (the backport behind the library!)

DVDs on shelves

Bonuss question c in few parts: 1) Did you see the spelling error? (bonus is not supposed to be spelled with two s) 2) Which one of these movies is nominated for an Oscar this year? (In this picture it is The Batman) 3) At this time, how many films does the library have that were nominated for this year's Oscars? (hint: more than 2) (four movies: Top Gun: Maverick, The Batman, Turning Red and Elvis).

TV screen on a wall and a reading stand below it with an open book and a magnifying glass and a lamp

Bonus question d: If you stand in front of the screen and this would be your view, in which direction are you facing? (a good west)

Picture of a exhibition case with a glass top which shows few watercolour paintings

Bonus question e: What is the name of the artist that painted these and teaches others watercoloring every two weeks here at the library? (Jitka Hermánková)



Thank you and have a great weekend! Remember the vestibule, remember to smile and remember we are open on Saturdays every winter!!  Municipal Library - the doorway to an exciting adventure!

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