(Pic with answers!) Friday quiz 2023 no. 27 - Five differences!

(Pic with answers below!) Dear quizloving patrons! Here is a beautiful picture of our library and the Friday quiz revolves around that and five differences!

Where are they?
Why are they?
Who made them?
When are they?
How are they?

And as a nice reminder we can say that the older part of the library will celebrate 55 yr old birthday in November. - But only five differences today.

Then we'll have the weekend and we hope you'll have a great one. We're open between 11am - 4pm on Saturdays now and we have events happening. Please follow our event calendar and social media sites!

Right answers will be here after the weekend.

Picture of the Municipal Library of Akureyri



Right answers:


The Municipal library of Akureyri

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