Friday quiz 2023 no. 25 - Where am I? (answers!)

(Answers here!) Dear patrons! It's Friday and tomorrow we start the formal winter opening hours! It's going to be fun! And it is time for a very easy, hilariously easy, Friday quiz!

What makes it easy?

Well ... you can see the main picture with this news item. It's a doll that was created at a seminar at Dokk1 library in Aarhus, Denmark in May this year. And it has hidden itself in eight places in the library. You are simply supposed to find the doll on each picture here below! It is quite obvious but also so much fun!

REMEMBER! OPEN TOMORROW, SATURDAY - SEPTEMBER 16TH, BETWEEN 11am-4pm!!! Woo hoo! Winter is coming!

Have a great weekend and great fun and ... everything great!


PIcture of a cardboard box on a plastic bin Behind the brown cardboard box, near the wall.

Bookshelves  Up to the left, behind Goðsögnin.

Red couch, table in front of it and bookshelves in the back  Entangled in the rug/cover on the red sofa.

Books on a table with a plant in the middle   Down to left, behind Vonarskarð.

Computer screen and a fan to the right  Vague... but behind the fan.

Bookshelves with paper decorations and magazines  Lower shelf to left, behind yearbooks...

Bookshelves, bust statues on top (two) and clear skies in the background through windows Behind the bust statue to the left (Matthías Jochumsson)

3d puzzle that forms the Hogwarts castle from the Harry Potter books  Almost perfectly in the middle of the picture, on Hogwarts.

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