Book market at the library

The book market is here again and will be in the exhibition hall area through the months of September ... if supplies last!

Like before, most of the books cost 100 ISK each, 10 books cost 700 ISK and 20 cost 1200 ISK. These amounts are also valid for the few DVDs that can be found there for sale. Magazines are 20 ISK per copy and you can find pocketbooks in languages other than Icelandic for only 50 ISK.

At the market you'll also find poetry books (500 ISK), books by Halldór Laxness (our only Nobel prize winner, 500 ISK) and possibly some more expensive books that will be clearly marked.

You can find a beautiful treasure at these book markets of ours and this time won't be any different, probably. You should definitely visit the market, we do put new material out there regularily!

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