Storytime - Einu sinni var mörgæs

Storytime - Einu sinni var mörgæs

Picture of a book cover: Once upon a penguin (icel. Einu sinni var mörgæs)


(Note: This is in Icelandic!) We'll read the book Einu sinni var mörgæs (e. Once upon a penguin). One day Paco the penguin stumbles over a big, red, fluctuating thing that doesn't appear to be of any use. But by staring long enough at those strange symbols, that this objects holds, it opens up a whole world of new friends and exciting adventures for Paco. Sweet story about the value of books and their importance for all communities.

Author: Magda Brol.

Let's read, colour, handicraft snowflakes and have fun together!

Regards, Eydís Stefanía - Children's Librarian