Christmas-storytime - Bobo the bear and Christmas

Christmas-storytime - Bobo the bear and Christmas

Picture of a book cover: Bobo the bear and Christmas (icel. Bóbó bangsi og jólin), plus ad for a storytime


(Note: This is in Icelandic!) 

CHRISTMAS-STORYTIME Thursday 7th of December, 4:30 pm

We'll read the book Bobo the bear and Christmas (Bóbó bangsi og jólin). When the wishlist-expressdeliveryguy stops in front of Bobo the bear's house in the middle of the night to get the final wishlists, Bobo the bear jumps on the sleigh without hesitating and ends up at Santa Claus's house. You can certainly see a lot there! But how will Bobo the bear get back home?

Please wear a Christmas/Santa Claus cap!


We'll offer chocolate milk and ginger cookies. The Santa clauses will definitely have something good in their big bag!

Let's read a Christmas story, sing Christmas songs, do Christmas handicraft and colour Christmas pictures!

We look forward to seeing you all!

Regards, Eydís children's librarian and the library's staff