Leisure activities

Check with your trade union for a grant to reimburse your participation fee.

For information regarding sport and leisure subsidies for children, click here.


Myndlistarskólinn á Akureyri provides art lessons and courses in visual art and design.
Myndak's Facebook page.

Body building

Norður is a physical fitness center which provides various courses.
Norður's Facebook page.


Women's choir EMBLA.
EMBLA choir's Facebook page.

Akureyri Church choir.
Akureyri Church choir's Facebook page.

The Children´s choir is managed by Akureyri Church.

Cycling Club 

Hjólreiðafélag Akureyrar hosts courses and cycling trips.
HFA's Facebook page.


Dance studio Alice provides classes in various types of dance for children and adults.
Alice's Facebook page.
Alice's NORI page.

Dancecenter STEPS teaches jazz, contemporary dance and hip hop.
STEPS' Facebook page.

Dansdeild Akurs, supervised by Anna Breiðfjörð.

Drama and acting

Leiklistarskóli Leikfélags Akureyrar LLA teaches children acting.
LLA's NORI page.

Golf Club

Golfklúbbur Akureyrar provides the public and athlete golfers with golf facilities, lessons and more.
GA's Facebook page.


Líkamsræktin Bjarg is a gym with a fitness room, guided classes and a physiotherapy center.
Bjarg gym's Facebook page.
Bjarg's NORI page.

World Class provides group sessions, spinning classes, hot yoga and more.
World Class's Facebook page.
World Class's NOIR page.


Fimleikafélagi Akureyrar FIMAK teaches gymnastics and provides gymnastics equipment and facilities.
FIMAK's Facebook page.

Hand craft center

Punkturinn hosts various arts and crafts courses.
Punkturinn's Facebook page.

Hiking club 

The Touring Club of Akureyri (FFA) hosts FREE and paid trips.
FFA's Facebook page.

Horse riding

Litli hestaskólinn á Garðshorni Þelamörk provides horse riding lessons.
Litli hestaskólinn's Facebook page.
Litli hestaskólinn's NORI page.

Reiðskóli Káts provides horse riding lessons.
Reiðskóli Káts' NORI page.

Ysta-Gerði provides horse riding lessons and tours.
Ysta-Gerði NORI page.
Ysta-Gerði's Facebook page.

Ice Skating / Ice Hockey Club

Skautafélag Akureyrar is an amateur sports club in Akureyri, and supervises ice skating and ice hockey teams.
SA's Facebook page.

Karate club

Karatefélag Akureyrar offers karate classes for children and adults.
Karatefélag Akureyrar's Facebook page.

Knitting club 

Handavinnuklúbburinn Hnotan at the Municipality Library of Akureyri.
Attendance is FREE.
Hnotan's Facebook page.

Multi-sport club

Íþróttafélagið Þór manages departments in handball, basketball, football, darts, taekwondo, boxing, bowling and e-sports.
Þór's Facebook page.

Knattspyrnufélag Akureyrar manages departments in football, handball, tennis, badminton, volleyball and judo.
KA's Facebook page.

Youth centers 

Félagsmiðstöðvar Akureyrarbæjar FÉLAK provide leisure activities to children and youths.
FÉLAK's Facebook page.
FÉLAK's NORI page.

Music lessons

Tónræktin offers music education and courses.
Tónræktin's Facebook page.
Tónræktin's NORI page.

Tónskóli Róars offers music courses for children and adults.
Tónskóli Róars' Facebook page.

Tónlistarskólinn á Akureyri provides music courses and lessons, and  offers music degrees.
TónAK's Facebook page.

Sailing Club Nökkvi

Nökkvi siglingarfélag offers summer sailing courses for children, and sailing courses for adults.
Nökkvi siglingarfélag's Facebook page.


Skátafélagið Klakkur is a scout group for children and teens.
Klakkur's Facebook page.
Klakkur's NORI page.

Shooting club

Skotfélag Akureyrar provides facilities, education, and shooting equipment to the public.
The shooting club's Facebook page.

Skateboard park

Braggaparkið provides in-door facilities for skateboarding, scooters, rollerblades and BMX bikes.
Braggaparkið's Facebook page.


Hlíðarfjall ski resort provides ski equipment rentals, skiing and snowboarding lessons and more.
Hlíðarfjall's Facebook page.
Hlíðarfjall's NORI page.

Summer camps

Ástjörn is a Christian summer camp for children.
Ástjörn's Facebook page.
Ástjörn's NORI page.

Hólavatn is a summer camp for children.
Hólavatn's Facebook page.
Hólavatn's NORI page.

Summer school for children

Vísindaskóli unga fólksins (UNAK) is a summer school which provides fun and educational leisure activities for children.
UNAK's Facebook page.
UNAK's NOIR page.


Konutímar Dillu, are swimming lessons for women.

Sundlaug Akureyrar is a public swimming pool in Akureyri.
Sundlaug Akureyrar's Facebook page.
Sundlaug Akureyrar's NORI page.

Table tennis club

Íþróttafélagið Akur's Facebook page.

Youth Sport Association 

Ungmennafélag Akureyrar FSA provides track and field athletic sports for all age groups.
FSA's Facebook page.


Ómur Yoga & Gongsetur offers yoga, meditation and gong classes.

Yoga hofið offers yoga and meditation classes.
Yoga hofið's Facebook page.

Yoga for children

Hugarfrelsi provides yoga courses for children.
Hugarfrelsi's Facebook Page.
Hugarfrelsi's NORI page.

Last updated 06. August 2021