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SÍMEY is a lifelong learning center and umbrella organization promoting adult education and lifelong learning.
You may apply for the next available Icelandic course online, by phone, or via e-mail.

Location: Þórsstígur 4
Phone number: +354 460 5720

Sólveig Jónsdóttir offers private Icelandic language lessons in Akureyri.
Phone number: +354 699 1051

Fernán González offers Icelandic lessons for Spanish speaking individuals.
Phone number: +354 846 2553

Íslenska í Amtinu is a free service offered by the Lion Club Ylfa in Akureyri.
They provide spoken and written help with Icelandic, hosted at the The Municipal Library of Akureyri (site in Icelandic).

Icelandic Online offers language courses online.

Tungumálatorg (site in Icelandic) offers Icelandic language courses for adults.

The University centre of the Westfjords offers Icelandic language summer courses.

Saga Akademía offers Icelandic language courses online.

Retor offers Icelandic language courses online (site in Icelandic).

For information regarding Icelandic language courses, click here.

For information regarding Iceland's Recognition of Professional Qualifications, click here.

Last updated 13. June 2024