Senior citizens

For general information about retirement in Iceland, click here.

For information and applications regarding residence permits for parents 67 years of age and older (outside EU), click here.

Services available to senior citizens

Municipality services for senior citizens in Akureyri are very diverse and aim to enable them to live at home for as long as possible with appropriate support.

Available services:

  • Transportation service
  • Day training
  • Rehabilitation at home
  • Social counselling
  • Social home services
  • Home delivery food
  • Counselling for occupational therapists

You can apply for services online via though the Service portal (Þjónustugátt).
Use your electronic certificate (rafræn skilríki) to log into the Service portal,
or book an appointment with the Division of Welfare via phone.
*Google Translate available on the service website. 

Division of Welfare
Velferðarsvið Akureyrarbæjar

Glerárgata 26, 2nd floor
Open weekdays from 09:00-15:00.
Phone: +354 460 1400

Retirement homes in Akureyri

If an individual can no longer live at home with appropriate support, there are Retirement Homes in Akureyri (site in Icelandic) where the goal is to ensure a comfortable home for the elderly, nursing, training and care according to each individual's needs, with an emphasis on the well-being and satisfaction of the residents.

Contact the Akureyri health clinic HSN to apply for their skills- and health assessment (in Icelandic). 

Social activities for 60+ year olds

Akureyri Retirement Home - Hlíð (site in Icelandic)
The health center in Akureyri - HSN (site in Icelandic)
EBAK - Akureyri Senior Citizen Association (Félag eldri borgara á Akureyri, site in Icelandic)

Additional financial support for the elderly

Additional support for the elderly is a type of payment that is intended to support the subsistence of persons 67 years and older who have permanent residency in Iceland and have no or limited pension rights with the Social Security Administration.

The maximum amount is 299.874 ISK krónur per month from 1 july 2023.

This amount may not exceed 90% of the old age pension and 90% of the household supplement. If the applicant is single, lives alone and is solely running the household, home supplements may be applied for.

The maximum amount with a household supplement can be 375.650 ISK ISK per month from 1 July 2023.

The Council of Elders

The Council of Elders ( Öldungaráð ) is a consultation platform regarding services for seniors and the development of geriatric care issues in Akureyri municipality. The Council manages policy formulation and planning regarding matters concerning Akureyri residents aged 67 and up.

The Council of Elders consists of 7 board members, and 7 deputies. The Council of Elders and Town Council's election periods is the same. The Town Council must elect 3 board members and 3 deputies for the Council of Elders during their first meeting after the Town Council's election, for the duration of 4 and 3 years respectively. EBAK must additionally elect 3 board members and 3 deputies, and HSN then elects the last board member, and last deputy for the Council of Elders.

For more information regarding the Council of Elders, click here (in Icelandic).

For further information and help contact the Division of Welfare.

Division of Welfare

Glerárgata 26 (2nd and 3rd floor)
Open weekdays from 09:00-15:00
Phone number: +354 460 1400

Last updated 13. June 2024