The Town Council

The role and scope of the town council is to direct Akureyri under the Local Government Act and other laws. The town council is composed of 11 city council members and alternates. The town council oversees the administration of government within the municipality through the executive committee and six standing committees.

The six standing committees are:

  • Health, sport and leisure committee
  • School and education committee
  • Town planning committee
  • Culture, tourism and promotion committee
  • Environmental and technical committee
  • Welfare committee

Akureyri's public administration is divided into two parts:

On the one hand, there is the political system. This consists of 11 democratically elected municipal representatives who form the town council. They are also members of the standing committees the council appoints in accordance with Akureyri municipality's by-laws and the council's minutes.

On the other hand, there is the civil service system, i.e. the recruited managers of the municipality, with the Mayor acting at their head. The Mayor is the town´s managing director and is hired by the town council. He is responsible both for implementing the council´s decisions and, together with the executive committee, for the town's executive and financial management.

Last updated 21. September 2021