Akureyri municipality's divisions

Information on Akureyri municipality's Divisions, their opening hours, and contact details.

Division of Finance


Geislagata 9 (2nd floor)
Open weekdays from 09:00-15:00
Phone number: +354 460 1000
E-mail: fjarreidur@akureyri.is
Head of Division: Dan Jens Brynjarsson

The Division of Finance handles the payment and collection of bills, files bills and records, and oversees Akureyri municipality’s bonds. The division supervises work schedules and budget plans for the municipality’s institutions and other divisions and follows up on them. The Division of Finance makes predictions about the town’s population- and economic development, and provides consultation and education for directors, and counsel and education for administrators. It evaluates functional unit management and oversees the publication of quantitative information related to the municipality. The division manages the town hall’s procurement management and computer systems and their connection to the town’s local institutions.

Division of Education


Glerárgata 26 (1st floor)
Open weekdays from 09:00-15:00
Phone number: +354 460 1455
E-Mail: fraedslusvid@akureyri.is
Head of Division: Karl Frímannsson

The Division of Education oversees the management and personnel administration of Akureyri municipality's elementary schools, preschools, and the Music School of Akureyri. The Division distributes all public information related to Akureyri's education, handles matters related to education and acts in accordance with regulations set by the Education committee.

Division of Culture, Sports and Leisure


Geislagata 9 (3rd floor)
Open weekdays from 09:00-15:00
Phone number: 
+354 460 1230
Head of Division: Kristinn J. Reimarsson

The Division of Culture, Sports and Leisure handles matters related to youth affair, preventative strategies, leisure activities, sports, youth social centers, educational workshops, family affairs, equal rights affairs, and other human rights issues. The Division also manages Akureyrarstofa which oversees travel affairs, cultural activities, and promotions. It gives counsel to the Leisure committee and Akureyrarstofa on policy decisions which fall under the Division's jurisdiction and executes them. The Division is tasked with providing Akureyri's locals, town council members, directors, and others, good services, counsel, and information on matters the Division oversees.

Division of Planning and Building Control


Geislagata 9 (3rd floor)
Phone- and consultation hours on weekdays from 10:00-12:00
Phone number: 
+354 460 1000
Head of Division: Pétur Ingi Haraldsson

The Division of Planning and Building Control oversees the daily supervision of planning- and building affairs, traffic management, and Akureyri's spatial information service (LUKA).

Division of Administration


Geislagata 9 (1st floor)
Helpdesk open weekdays from 09:00-15:00
Records Center open weekdays from 09:00-15:00
Department of Payroll open weekdays from 11:00-15:00
Phone number: +354 460 1000
Head of Division: Halla Margrét Tryggvadóttir

The Division of Administration provides various internal and external services as well as support services for the municipality's other Divisions. The Division encompasses three Departments; the Department of Information and Services, the Department of Payroll, and the Department of Human Resources. The Division manages salary- and wage affairs, human resource issues and the municipality's records. It provides services and information to town council members, councils and committees, the townspeople, businesses, institutions, directors and other employees and supervisors. The Division is a pioneer in improvements related to quality considerations and electronic administration and services.

Division of Property Management and Environment

Umhverfis- og mannvirkjasvið

Geislagata 9 (4th floor)
Open weekdays from 09:00-15:00
Phone number: 
+354 460 1000
E-mail: umsa@akureyri.is
Head of Division: Guðríður Friðriksdóttir

The Division of Property Management and Environment manages all of the municipality's properties. Its main role is to oversee new projects, and to purchase, sell, rent out, and maintain real estates. It manages the town's everyday developmental projects, which include designs and measurements, road and sidewalk construction, street lighting, waste disposal, public parks, open areas and Local Agenda 21 ( Staðardagskrá 21 ).

Division of Welfare


Glerárgata 26 (2nd and 3rd floor)
Open weekdays from 09:00-15:00
Phone number: 
+354 460 1400
E-mail: velferdarsvid@akureyri.is
Head of division: Guðrún Sigurðardóttir

The Division of Welfare provides services in accordance with laws on municipality social services, child protection laws, and laws concerning services and support for people with long-term disabilities. It receives and processes applications for financial aid, provides social counsel, and strives to provide children with acceptable upbringing conditions. When necessary, it taken measures to protect individual children and to strengthen a family's ability to raise children. Specialized support for people with disabilities include counsel for them and their families, such as support interviews and the coordination of services and education. The Division handles applications for family support for disabled children and evaluates their care needs. It manages Akureyri municipality's social housing, and processes apartment applications and applications for special housing support. The Division of Welfare provides support to residents of a few other municipalities in accordance with relevant agreements.

Last updated 04. August 2021