Services and utilities in Akureyri

Here you may find information about services and utilities in Akureyri.

City hall

City hall's helpdesk, at Geislagata 9, is open weekdays from 09:00-15:00. The helpdesk's phone number is +354 460 1000.

You may ask questions or send a message to Akureyri municipality by clicking here (in Icelandic).

For more information regarding Akureyri city hall, and its divisions and opening hours, click here.

Registers Iceland / Change of address

An image of Registers Iceland's logo

Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá) should be notified of a person's change of address within 7 days after their move. It may either be done online or at Registers Iceland's reception in Akureyri, at Hafnarstræti 107.

An image of the Iceland Post's logo

Please remember to inform the Iceland Post (Pósturinn) of your change of address, since Registers Iceland doesn't notify them about your move.

Service Portal

Akureyri municipality emphasizes the utilization of electronic administration. The Service Portal, available on this website, is its main hub for offering information and services online.

You may use it to apply for various services and permits, view your invoices and monitor any ongoing processes. You may also use it to see a summary of your utilization of the Sport and Leisure subsidy (in Icelandic) for children aged 6-16.

Accommodation and residence

Do you want to build?

Akureyri's spatial information map provides information about available building lots. You may apply for lots via the Service Portal.

For information regarding the distribution of lots, price lists and more, click here (link in Icelandic).


Akureyri has a thriving rental market. Akureyri municipality provides rental housing for individuals and families in need, and grants special housing support.


Akureyri has close to 10 operating real estate agencies and there is usually plenty of accommodation available, whether you're looking for old or new properties, a single-family home or an apartment building. Even though prices have been steadily climbing in Akureyri, as with most other places, it's low in comparison to Iceland's capital region.

For more information regarding housing and rental assistance in Akureyri, click here.

Heating and electricity

An image of Norðurorka's logo

Norðurorka services Akureyri's homes and businesses with processing and distribution of hot water and drinking water, distribution of electricity and sewer operations. Clients may access information pertaining to them though their website, via my pages (in Icelandic).

Norðurorka's helpdesk may be contacted for further information.
Phone number: +354 460 1300

Environmental affairs and waste disposal

Akureyri puts great emphasis on environmental affairs, and is a fantastic place to live a green lifestyle. Travelling distances are short, it's easy to walk or cycle between places, and the city buses are free to ride. Akureyri municipality has a biomethane filling station and a couple of power charging stations for electric cars.

For more information regarding environmental affairs in Akureyri, click here (in Icelandic).

For more information regarding recycling and waste disposal, click here.

Children and youth

Akureyri municipality is an active member of UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities initiative. The Initiative supports municipal governments in realizing the rights of children at the local level using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as its foundation.

There are endless opportunities for children and youth's in Akureyri to grow and develop. The education system is reliable, the distances to travel between places are short, and the town is close to nature.

Click the links below for information regarding:

Education for children and youth
Sport and leisure subsidies for children
Juvenile curfew laws
Leisure activities for children 
Social assistance
Child benefits and child support
Child protection services

For further information, contact Akureyri municipality's appropriate division.


For information regarding Akureyri's education system, schools, day parents, after school activities, and the Music School of Akureyri, click here.



Note that in Akureyri all transport with the local city buses are free. Normally buses are on route between 06:25 - 23:03 all weekdays. For timetables click here.

Strætó offers scheduled bus route between Reykjavík and Akureyri. During the summer, the bus company SBA also offers scheduled bus routes between Reykjavík and Akureyri across the highland route Kjölur.

Walking and cycling

The distances to travel between places in Akureyri are short, and can most often be easily walked or cycled. For a map with popular walking and hiking trails, click here. For cycling routes, click here.


If travelling with private car in Akureyri please assure to get a parking-clock, available at the tourist information in HOF, at banks, some shops and gasoline stations. For more information regarding parking-clocks, click here (site in Icelandic).


Air Iceland Connect offers daily flights throughout the year, up to 10 times a day, between Reykjavík and Akureyri. For more information regarding Akureyri Airport, click here.

Norlandair offers scheduled flights to the island of Grímsey.


The ferries Sæfari and Sævar offer scheduled tours to the local islands Grímsey and Hrísey.  Both islands are a part of Akureyri municipality.

For more information regarding transport in Akureyri, click here.

Healthcare services

The Akureyri Health Clinic ( Heilbrigðisstofnun Norðurlands - HSN ) provides the general public with services in the fields of general medicine, nursing and healthcare, infant and maternity service and provides advice and guidance.

Akureyri Hospital ( Sjúkrahúsið á Akureyri ) provides healthcare services, focused on emergency and specialist services.

Læknastofur Akureyrar (site in Icelandic) is a private healthcare center, which provides various services.

For more information regarding healthcare services in Akureyri, click here.

Senior citizens

It's pleasant to grow old in Akureyri. Services catered towards older people are varied, and the municipality strives to aid people to live at home for as long as possible by offering them appropriate support. Available services include social activities, social assistance, adult day programs, temporary residence and more.

Heilsuvernd manages two retirement homes in Akureyri, Hlíð and Lögmannshlíð (sites in Icelandic).

More information regarding services for senior citizens in Akureyri. 

Leisure activities in Akureyri.

People with disabilities

Akureyri municipality strives to meet the needs of people with disabilities and the Division of Welfare manages matters related to social assistance. Akureyri provides various services to people with disabilities, and operates workplaces for them.

For information regarding social assistance, click here.

Sport and leisure activities

Akureyri is a great place to do sports, whether it be competitive sports and organized activities, or individual exercise programs. 

Akureyri offers a sport and leisure subsidy (in Icelandic) for children aged 6-17 years old. For information regarding after school centers, recreational courses and other leisure activities available to youths in Akureyri, click here.

For more information regarding sports and leisure activities for children and adults, click here.


The Hof Cultural and Conference Centre offers a great deal of varied events and houses the Akureyri Culture Company's registry. There are many museums, events and happening in Akureyri worth your time.

To see events and festivals in Akureyri, click here.
To see What's On in Akureyri, click here.
For more information regarding Akureyri's culture, click here.


Whether you're interested in sightseeing, visiting museums, attending theater, going for a swim, enjoying nature by hiking, cycling or skiing, going out to eat at restaurants or something else entirely -
the possibilities in Akureyri are endless.

Last updated 14. June 2024