The Church of Grímsey

Miðgarðar is the site of the northernmost church in Iceland. It was consecrated by Bishop Jón Ögmundsson in the early 11th century and was dedicated to Ólafur the patron saint of the Nordic people. At that time two clergymen served the church, and mass was sung daily and twice on holy days.
These services have dwindled but 50 clergymen have been recorded as serving the church over the years.
The vicar of Dalvík is now in charge of the church.

Miðgarðakirkja was built from driftwood in 1867 on a site near Miðgarðar farm but was moved, by its own length in 1932 due to fire hazard and, at the same time, a choir stall and portico with a steeple were added.
The church was extensively renovated in 1932 and reconsencrated in 1956.
The altar painting is by a local artist painted in 1878 and is a copy of a work by Leonardo da Vinci.

It was granted conservation status on 1st January 1990, in accordance with the provisions of legislation on ancient buildings.

The church was destroyed by fire late in the evening on the 21st of September 2021. No valuables could be saved from the church, which burned to ashes in only 20 minutes. Many valuable items got lost in the fire that cannot be compensated. The loss is enormous to the local community as the church has been a beautiful symbol of unification through generations for the people so far from the mainland.

For those who would like to contribute to the church building fond can do so by money transfer to IBAN: IS76 0565 0425 0731 4602 6925 39, SWIFT: GLITISRE 

Below one can see a selection of photos of the church and its interior.

If you would like to contribute with photos to this album to commemorate the memory of this beautiful church, photos can be sent to with the name of the photographer.