Akureyri Intercultural Centre


Lógó Alþjóðastofu

Information and advice for immigrants free of charge (employees bound to a confidentiality).

Location: Department of welfare/velferðarsvið Akureyrarbæjar, Glerárgötu 26, 3rd floor. Opening hours Mon-Thu 8:00-15:00, closed on Fridays.

Phone: +354 4601095   E-mail:  astofan@akureyri.is

Due to Covid restriction you are asked to contact the office via email.

Staff members

Zane Brikovska 
Icelandic, English, Russian, Latvian
Mondays 9-13
Tuesdays 9-13
Wednesdays 9-16
Fridays 9-13

Eva María Ingvadóttir
Icelandic, English, Polish 
Thursdays  8-12

Preschools in Akureyri

Welcome for parents

Preschool Act

Preschools in Akureyri

Festivals and traditions

Elementary Schools in Akureyri

Compulsary School Act

Elementary Schools in Akureyri

8,45% of children in elementary schools in Akureyri are with foreign background 

Elementary School Ancillary Services

Sport and leisure subsidy

Youth and Prevention

Akureyri youth centers

Information on family services in Akureyri

Interpreter Service

Punkturinn - The Dot - Where Ideas Come Alive 

Akureyri's Human Rights Policy

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Our Erasmus+ projects Erasmus

T&D Stories https://artescommunity.eu/storytelling/
Lingua+ http://www.linguaproject.eu/
Medice http://www.mediceproject.eu/about-us.html

Find more on your rights and obligation here www.mcc.is

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