The bridge and sign pole

A symbol for the Arctic Circle can be found in many places of the world at a fixed spot. But due to the fact that the Arctic Circle is constantly moving this is just a symbol of where the Circle was at a given time. 

A symbol, a kind of a bridge to cross the Arctic Circle can be found at 66°33’N, north of the airport terminal in Grímsey, beside the north end of the Guesthouse Básar. This symbol was inaugurated in July 2003. Beside the symbol is a sign pole showing the distance to many well-known cities in the world.
This bridge and the sing pole were positioned there to indicate were the Arctic Circle was at that time.

Close to this symbol by the airport terminal building one can find two information boards. One describes the nature of the Arctic Circle and how it has moved over the island and another tells the islands history, for more information see links below.

The Arctic- and Antartic Circles

Grímsey - the island at the Arctic Circle