The Municipal Library of Akureyri: a survey

Dear patrons! Aren't you in great spirits and ready to answer a short survey?

Like you hopefully know we (the staff) have been working a lot on improving our operations (strategic planning) since the summer of 2022. This work, which was approved by the town council earlier this year, can be viewed/seen through a link on the bottom of our homepage, but we want to know what you think.

Last year we asked you to help us to improve the library, put forward a survey and interviewed various people. Thank you all for that!

Now it's your turn again and we would really like to ask for your help again, this time in relation to the library's operations and related things.

Please press the link below. We'll use the results to improve ourselves and don't worry ... your answers are not traceable.

Thank you in advance!

The Municipal Library of Akureyri: a survey

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