Frost, cold and library holdings

Dear, warm patrons! It can sometimes be cold here in Akureyri over winter, even though the best weather is always here! But the library holdings aren't best friends with the cold!

Or vice versa ... because cold can truly do damage to books, magazines and other library holdings. Not to mention that if the snowflakes dance a bit with the books ... it is not good.

We would therefore appreciate if you could follow these short notes for the rest of the winter:

- Don't keep the books in the care while you are working all day. Keep them with you in the warmth inside.
- Keep library holdings in some kind of a bag (paper, sackcloth ...) while you are walking from your car and into the library, if it snowing, raining ... Even though „this is just a quick walk from the car below...“ it can be enough to possibly damage library holdings. This note is valid all year :-)
- If you are not travelling in a car or using another method of getting to the library, try to take care of the library holdings in the best way possible on your way here.

When the library holdings feel good and everybody takes good care of it, then they will last longer and live a fine life by making their users happy.

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