Friday quiz 2023 no. 2 - Husband's Day (answers!)

Dear patrons, husbands and everybody else! Quiz day no. 2 of the year is here and naturally it is related to Husband's Day. Few and easy questions here, along with some knowledge!

Bókakápa bókarinnar Yndislegi maðurinn minnThe book Yndislegi maðurinn minn (English: My dear husband, which can be read here at the library since it is a legal depository copy) has written on the backcover: „Our husbands deserve that we show them our gratitude in action and that we tell them how much we appreciate everything they work hard for, all the small things and the endless warmth they have. In this little book you can find something beautiful, fun and weird that we might want to tell these darlings but haven't yet gotten around to it.“

You can also browse the book Eiginmenn (English: Husbands) here at the library, but the following tidbits are from the books Saga daganna (English: Story of the Days) and Þjóðsögur Jóns Árnasonar (English: Folk Tales form Jón Árnason):

„A husband is supposed to welcome þorri [Icelandic ancient calendar month] by being the first to get up on the day þorri started. Husbands were supposed to wear only their shirt, be with bare feet and thighs but put only one trouser leg on and let the other one dangle and pull it behind him on one foot, walk to the door, open up the door to the farm, hop on one leg around the farm, pull the trousers with the other one and welcome þorri to farm or to houses.“

We promise, that you won't have to see men doing this outside the Municipal library today ... but you never know ;-)

The first day of Þorri is called Husband's Day but the last one þorri-slave (þorraþræll). Þorri always begins on a Friday in the 13th week of winter. Þorri is the fourth month of winter in the old Nordic calendar and originally its beginning was aimed at the first new moon after winter solstice.

The easy Friday quiz:
1. Name four months from the old Nordic calendar. - Mörsugur, Þorri, Góa, Einmánuður, Harpa, Skerpla, Sólmánuður, Heyannir, Tvímánuður, Haustmánuður, Gormánuður, Ýlir.
2. What is the journalist's name who interviews Evelyn Hugo? (see picture below). - Monique Grant.
3. Who is the author of the books Yndislegi maðurinn minn (My dear husband) and Eiginmenn (Husbands) which are mentioned in the text above? - Helen Exley.
4. How many times were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton married? - Twice.
5. What is the husband called whom somebody is forced to marry? - Nauðmaður (English: forced husband)
6. What drink said Stuðmenn (Icelandic pop band) they would use to wash down shark meat, ram's balls and smoked belly flesh of sheep? - Lowfat milk

Bókakápa bókarinnar Sjö eiginmenn Evelyn Hugo


Have a great one and remember to smile!

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